Saturday, December 1, 2007

Cozumel, Mexico

This was my husband's and I's first vacation out of the country of just the two of us in November of 2007. We had just got engaged a month before. Everyone (including myself) thought that he was going to propose in Mexico but he did a awesome job of surprising me by doing it before we went, he was good ;) I had only been out of the country a couple times before when I was younger so I was a little nervous. Christian travels almost every week for work so he's a pro at this.

Our flight got delayed but we made it to Cozumel. We got off the plane and went to get our baggage. After waiting a while, we found out that it did not make it. They told us they would send it to the resort when they found it, ugh. We got a taxi and made it to our hotel The Occidental Allegro Cozumel. The grounds were beautiful! We got to our room, got a drink and went to check out the resort.

I'm not gonna lie, the food was not that good but I guess that happens at an AI sometimes. Everything else was awesome! Since it was the off season, there were not that many people there. So it was pretty cool to have not a lot of people around. We met a lot of nice people. Since it took a couple days to get our luggage, we had several people offer us things since all we had were the clothes on our back (now we always pack over night things & a swimsuit in our carry on, lol). We met 2 couples that were there for Texas and hung out with them a lot of the time we were down there. Since it was not busy at the resort, we decided to entertain ourselves. We somehow got a couple other couples involved one night and had "bicycleta races" of course with a little drinking involved ;) We even got the manager to participate. One of the couples was actually from Cincinnati too.

We went on a sunset cruise with the couples from Texas one day, the hotel was nice and arranged it for us. It provided alcohol and it took us snorkeling. It was beautiful and lots of fun!

Another day we decided we wanted to try some better food so we grabbed a cab and went into town. We stopped by the Senor Frogs. We were like the only two people in there, so we had a drink and then went on. We found a tequila shop where they let you taste the tequila. We had some fun with that and then went on to find some dinner. We found a busy area and had dinner at La Dorados de Villa. The food was great! Real Mexican food. We had some more drinks there and then headed back to the hotel.

During the day, we would just hang out on the beach. There was a lot of people close to our age so we'd play volleyball, hang out by the swim up bar or just chill on the beach. There were also lots of fish, we would put food in the ocean and they would swim right up and eat it. The sunsets were pretty there too.

Overall, it was a great experience in Cozumel. There did not seem to be a ton to do around town but then again, we were there in the off season. We defiantly kept ourselves busy though. It was a beautiful city too. If we go back to Cozumel, we'd probably stay at a non AI. There are also two levels of the Occidental resorts and we stayed at the lower one, so I'd like to try the higher level as well.

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