Monday, June 1, 2009

Wedding Stuff In Negril, Jamaica

We decided to do some of the traditional things: Have a rehearsal dinner on Friday and get married on Saturday. After the ceremony, we had a cocktail reception, followed by the dinner reception. They were perfect.

Rehearsal Dinner
We had our rehearsal dinner at the Bayside Restaurant and had it all to ourselves! We took over the bar area while waiting to be seated. That had us wait until sunset to sit so we could enjoy the sunset and then it wasn't as hot.

They set up 3 different tables for us and the service was awesome! You have 4 different menus to choose from for rehearsal dinner, if it’s included in your package. We chose mostly seafood for everything. Each table had their own waiter and they were so nice!
Wedding DayWe had our “Breakfast in Bed” since we couldn’t do it the next morning as man and wife since we were leaving early the next morning. (They were cool about switching the day of the breakfast). It was so yummy and we had so much food!

After dinner, we all went to the Piano Bar. That seems to be where everyone hangs out at night. Everyone was drinking and dancing, we had a blast
 Then I went and got a massage (it was awesome and so needed!) and then hung out with everyone on the beach for a while.

Then it was time for me to get ready. Christian went with some of his
family to Rick’s Café and hung out and then went to his sister’s room to get ready later. I wanted a little time to myself, so grabbed some lunch from Café Sandals and chilled by myself for a little bit. Christian’s aunt owns a salon so she was nice enough to offer to do my hair. She showed up at about 2:30 and starting on my hair. It turned out awesome and I loved it! Then my sister did my make-up which actually turned out really good too! I didn’t do a practice run with either of them! If you are thinking of getting your hair and make-up done at the resort, I’ve heard wonderful things about them. It’s kinda pricey but worth it.

Then I slipped into my dress. It took my Mom and sister like 20 minutes to tie the corset on my dress! When I originally purchased it, there was a good few inches in b/w the fabric, since I lost weight, they couldn’t get it tight enough

I was supposed to see Christian at 3:30, before the ceremony. I wanted to b/c I knew I would be a mess (crying) during the whole ceremony if not and wanted that private moment b/w us. Well, it ended up being at like 4:15 and Christian was supposed to meet the WC at 4:30 in the wedding office. We were gonna try to get some pics before the ceremony, but that didn’t work out. We were gonna meet in the garden originally b/c there wasn’t anything else going on at that time but since I was late, something was going on, so we met on the beach. But it was so perfect, it was for only like 5 minutes but it was enough to see him, let it all sink in, give each other a kiss and a hug and say I’ll see you soon.

Wedding Time:
Our WC met Christian and his brother (the BM) before and went over the basics. She met my sister and I (the MOH) and took us to where we would be walking down. Our WC Rocio, was so awesome! She helped me so much by telling us where to go, what to do, etc. I have been saying forever, I know I’m gonna cry throughout the whole thing. As my Mother and Brother were getting ready to walk down, I thought I was gonna loose it then. Right then one of the parrots in the cage almost next to us squawked really loud. It scared the crap out of me. Then it just made me laugh. He kept going, so it just made me crack up instead. I was so giddy and smiling the whole time instead.

After our interview, I felt like I still didn’t really know what was going on during the ceremony. I guess since we didn’t get a rehearsal, it made me a bit uneasy. But I thought, they do these everyday, they know what they are doing and they did!
We did the sand ceremony and had our siblings do two readings, it was perfect.

After we were pronounced man & wife, we did the receiving line & then we took pictures while everyone headed to the cocktail reception right off of the beach.

After we were done with the resort photog, we joined our guests at the cocktail reception. I was perfect b/c it was set up in b/w the smaller gazebo and the Palm Buildings. So pretty freaking close to the beach. It was perfect b/c it was close to when the sun was setting, so we could all see it. It was such a romantic and fun time! We had a separate “sweetheart table” and then they had other round tables for everyone else. We had our cake cutting, our first toast and then our first dance. The steel drum player stopped for a minute and we just played the i-pod for our 1st dance. He started back up afterwords and then Christian’s sister took us to the beach to take a lot of pictures.

Dinner was great. We just hung out & had dinner & drinks. After the dinner was over, we all went to the Piano bar. We drank some more and danced. Christian and I didn’t stay down there too late b/c we still had to pack and our flight was leaving the next morning for Europe. People kept coming by our room and we ended up getting only 2 ½ hours of sleep b/c of packing and then getting up at 6am the next morning. So we did not have a problem sleeping all of the way to Europe.

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