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Negril, Jamaica

My husband and I got married at Sandals Negril Jamaica with 27 of our closest friends and family on April 18th, 2009. We had an entire week in Jamaica to hang out with everyone, relax and get married. We arrived on April 11th, got married on April 18th and left the next morning for our honeymoon in Europe.

The flight to Jamaica was wonderful. We had first class since we're going to get married. Christian asked the flight attendant if I could hang my dress up in the closet and they did it with no problem and a smile. There were 3 other brides on the flight and they hung all of their dresses up in the first class closet too. We sat down, relaxed, ordered some mimosas and were there in no time.

We got through customs pretty quickly and then made our way to the Sandals lounge. They great you with a drink and then get your bags checked for the proper transportation. We had private transportation with our package but I know they normally wait for a few people to show up so they can send a full van. It was kinda cool to enjoy it by ourselves. Our driver was cool and told us about the sites along the way. The drivers are kinda crazy there. They drive on the left side there and kinda cut people off and stuff. Nothing to not feel safe compared to seeing people drive in Italy! The guys on motorcycles are crazier, weaving in between cars and buses, not smart, lol .You see a little bit of poverty on the way and SO many goats! They were everywhere just chillin and eating the grass. Think it took us about an hour since we didn’t stop half way (most buses do to take bathroom breaks, get more beer, etc, so it normally takes an hour and a half). You can also take a small airplane from Montego Bay to Negril for a fee. My friend did it and she said it was really cool. It was beautiful and the pilot even let her fly the plane for a little bit. It looked like it landed like right next to the resort. We thanked and tipped our driver and he helped bring our bags in. Don’t forget to tip them, they are not part of Sandals, just contracted by them.

We were greeted with cold towels and rum punch. It only took a couple of minutes and we were checked in. We were given a huge Sandals wedding binder that we needed to go through and our ID cards. We were escorted to our room with our bags after we were all checked in. The room was very nice, a huge king bed, a flat screen TV, desk and a balcony. We changed into our suits and hit the beach. The water was awesome! Perfect temperature and so beautiful! Sunsets were unbelievable!

The Resort: Sandals Negril, Jamaica

Places to get married:

The Large gazebo
This is where we got married. They were able to fit us and our guests in the gazebo, which was nice to have the shade. It had a beautiful view and was very easy to get to from our building.

The Small Gazebo
It's very cute but it is literally right next to all of the water sports stuff

The Garden Gazebo
This is where we had our dinner reception. It was nice because it was private and no one could just walk through there.

Medium Gazebo
We had our cocktail reception right next to it. It's just a bit off of the beach, which is nice if you want to be in a grassy area yet still enjoy the ocean and the sunsets.

Places to eat at the resort:

The Bayside Restaurant- The Buffet
For all inclusive, it was pretty good food and always had lots to choose from.

Kimonos- Japanese Steakhouse
This is the only place that you need to make reservation for dinner. Food was pretty good and was neat to watch. Our cook was very entertaining too

Barefoot By the Sea
Our favorite place to eat. We loved having your feet in the sand, being right on the ocean and eating your fresh seafood dinner. The seafood was great. Never was overcrowed either.

The Sundowner
We only ate breakfast here but it was very good. We could just sit outside and watch the ocean. Nice and relaxing while drinking your morning coffee.

Dino's- Italian Restaurant
This is the one place that we did not eat. Everyone said that it was very good though.

The Sandals Cafe
Sandals Cafe was supper close to our room and right on the beach so we pretty much always ate there for lunch. The jerk chicken sandwich was very yummy. The cooks were always having fun in there and there is a little bar on the backside of it. There was always someone waiting on food when I came up but never took longer than 5 minutes to make our food.

Your Balcony
If you have a concierge level room or higher, you can get free room service 24 hours a day. It was nice to have some fruit and your morning coffee while just listening to the ocean.

In Negril

We decided to go into town before everyone else arrived. Sandals calls a Taxi for you and our guy drove us around for a good couple of hours for $50. He took us to some shops and then we went to the local supermarket. We had heard of place called Miss Brown’s Famous Mushrooms. We had to check it out. They even had a menu of various mushroom items like soup or tea. Obviously, didn’t eat anything there but had to check it out.

Then we ate at Sweet Spice. Most of the locals told us to go there. Christian had goat curry (yes, they eat them there) and I had a lobster curry dish. Hands down, they best food we had there.

We drove farther down where it starts to get rocky to a resort called Sunset on the Cliffs. It was awesome b/c it was such a beautiful view and there was no one really around. There were a couple people chillin by the pool and we were able to just look around and enjoy the beauty and had a beer.

On 7 mile Beach
One day we decided to walk down the 7 mile stretch of the beautiful beach.
Went to Margaritaville. It was pretty cool but since it was during the day, it wasn’t too crazy. We had a few drinks and walked even further, we did a lot of walking that day. If you walk off the resort property, make sure you take your ID card with you! When we stepped off the Sandals property and on/off the Beaches property, they want to take down your room number and name, just to make sure you don’t wander off; it’s just a precaution. It was pretty cool to walk along the public beach and the other resorts and see what was going on. It was a Jamaican holiday so everyone was out! There was a ton of vendors and cool bars along the way. Don’t forget that you are aloud to hang out at Beaches SandyBay (right next door) and Beaches Negril, if you want to.

We are so glad we chose to have our wedding at Sandals Negril, Jamaica. The weather was perfect all week, think it rained maybe once for like 20 minutes? The staff was so nice and friendly, we had a blast and made our wedding absolutely amazing! They did an excellent job of accommodating to a large group of us too! Even though it was reunion week too, they did a great job of kinda keeping them away with other things to do and even though the resort was booked full, it didn’t seem over crowded at all. 7 mile beach was beautiful and we can't wait to go back to Negril.

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